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USAID Ghana Agriculture and Natural Resource Management (AgNRM) Project 




The Government of Ghana (GoG) and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) have made tremendous progress in addressing food insecurity in northern Ghana. Yet, as natural resources across the north are stressed by climate change, agricultural pressures, and increasing demands for water, food, and energy, further advances in food security require safeguarding natural resources.


Project Duration


2016 - 2018



Sustainable Economic Development                                              


Through USAID, the Ghana Agriculture and Natural Resource Management (AgNRM) project addressed issues related to natural resource management in northern Ghana. AgNRM provided a scalable, integrated landscapes approach to support sustainable economic development and rural livelihoods; improved nutritional outcomes; expanded climate change related risk management options; and strengthened northern Ghana’s natural resource base

Implementing AgNRM, Winrock International and its partners — Nature Conservation Research Centre, and the Center for Conflict Transformation and Peace Studies — work to align development with conservation, responded to the interdependencies of ecosystems, livelihoods, and health; and forged natural resource private sector partnerships.  


Approach and Anticipated Outcomes  


AgNRM achieved its goals of poverty reduction through sustainable increases in wealth and nutrition from natural and non-traditional agriculture products by addressing environmental, agricultural, governance, and natural resource management challenges. AgNRM interventions were expected to result in transformative changes by the adoption of improved practices, technologies, and behaviors; better functioning value chains (including shea and other natural products) and governance structures; more equitable access to land and other resources; and increased capacity of organizations to manage natural resources. AgNRM aimed to address environmental degradation and enhanced rural livelihoods. These activities were implemented under four project outcomes: 

1) Increased Incomes from Natural Resource Products (NRPs)
2) Improved Food and Nutritional Security
3) Increased Farmer and Community Security/Access to Land and Natural Resources
4) Strengthened Environmental Stewardship


Ghana's Community Resource Management Areas


AgNRM’s geographic targeting followed the successful Community Resource Management Area (CREMA) model promoted by the Wildlife Division of the GoG’s Forestry Commission for sustainable resource management in Ghana. The CREMA approach addressed landscape-level protected area management and biodiversity conservation while catalyzing sustainable livelihoods in natural resource products. The project implemented activities in eight target CREMAs, located in three ecological corridors in northern Ghana.

The project worked to strengthen key tree crop value chains, including shea and moringa; integrating innovations in climate-smart agriculture, as well as increasing access to water for both household and productive uses with Winrock’s Multiple Use Water Services approach. 




US $24,900,000


Strategic Activities Include:


Strengthen shea, moringa, dawadawa, and tamarind value chains
Organize and strengthen producer groups
Leverage private sector investments
Promote conservation and climate-smart agriculture, home gardens, and agroforesty alongside traditional production methods
Improve household water access
Form and strengthen village savings and loan associations
Increase access to nutritious foods and training on nutrition
Increase understanding of land and water access rights
Increase women’s access to land and other productive resources
Facilitate demarcation of boundaries and develop community and CREMA-level land use plans
Support dispute mediation and interest-based negotiations
Strenghten the capacity of CREMAs to implement community-based natural resource management
Facilitate transboundary solutions via workshops and exchanges
Convene stakeholders and conduct ecosystem services valuation


Implementing Partners


Winrock International, Nature Conservation Research Centre Center for Conflict Transformation and Peace Studies


Key Staff Contact


Gloria Odoom

AOR, Agriculture Specialist  

Economic Growth Office


Email: godoom@usaid.gov 

Dr. Julie Fischer

Chief of Party 

Feed the Future Ghana AgNRM Project

E-mail: Julie.Fischer@winrock.org