Forum User Guide

Forum User Guide

Created: May 12, 2016

Last modified: August 3, 2016

Discussion Forum User Guide - Ghanalinks knowledge management portal

The discussion forum seeks to provide users with the platform to collaborate effectively whilst sharing knowledge and learning. The platform require users to log-in before contributing to any discussion. The steps below is expected to guide users navigate the platform with ease.

Category and threads – Viewing discussions

1. On click on ‘Forum’ on the menu, the page below displays. Discussions are displayed under category and/or threads. Some threads might not be under any category. The example below shows the category – Ghanalinks knowledge management portal- with the thread being the question – ‘What are your expectations of the Ghanalinks knowledge management portal?’

2. Click on the category to view the thread as shown below:

3. Recent posts
Displays recent posts on the platform as shown below:

4. Statistics
Displays the total number of categories, posts and users on the platform. It further ranks users according participation.

Replying/contributing to a message

There are three ways of replying to a discussion

5. Quick reply – A page is displayed below the last post; this is recommended for users. Enter your response and publish.

6. Reply with a quote – A page is displayed on a new page with a quote of the message/thread. Enter your response and publish.

7. Reply
Reply – Similar to the ‘reply to quote’ but without a quote. Enter your response and publish

Posting a thread

8. Select the category or sub-category to display the thread and click on the 'Post a thread' button to fill the required fields. If the thread does not fall under any catergory or sub-category, click on 'Post thread' and post thread making sure no category or sub-category has been selected.

9. Fill the required fields

10. If the thread is a question, you may choose to mark it as 'question'. This is not mandatory.

Subscribe - If this is checked, then you will be subscribed to this thread.

Allow Pingbacks - You can ignore this. Leave it uncheck. If checked, the public can refer to this discussion on other platforms. To allow pingbacks, please also ensure the entry's guest view permission is enabled.

Permission selection - this is very important, specify the one to see this thread. To hide the thread from the public, select 'Owner' at the permission field as shown below.

Related asset is explained below.

11. To hide the thread from the public, select 'Owner' at the permission field as shown below.

12. Click on the 'Related Assets' and the required type as shown below:

13. If document is selected, choose the specific the document from the page as shown below

After selecting the document or related asset, click to publish the thread.

Viewing options

14. Use the icons to select the three viewing options – combination, flat and tree as displayed below:

15. Combination

16. Flat

17. Tree

18. Flag a reply
A user can also flag any post that does not comply with the terms of reference underpinning the use of this forum. Click on the Flag link and indicate your reason for the flag