Poverty and Nutrition Dashboard User Guide

Poverty and Nutrition Dashboard User Guide

Created: May 8, 2016
Last modified: May 9, 2016

At ghanalinks.org welcome page, click on Analytics tab and select Poverty and Nutrition Analysis

Northern Ghana Analysis

Start by using the sub-tab below and select the variables you want to explore by checking the associated boxes. On the far right you can also choose to pair a specific variable with population data.

Hover over the pie charts under VISUAL 1 to see the values for the variables you selected. Please select and or deselect the disaggregates for each variable by clicking on the legends check box.  You can rename the title on the let side to suit your specific needs.

1.3 You can download the pie charts as PNG files using the Camaera icon above the legends, or use the snipping tool on your comupter to take a specific screen shot.

1.4 If you scroll down to Visual 2 you can explore your variable selection in the form of a Bar cart. You can also rename the x and y axis to meet your specific needs and export the charts in PNG using the camera icon.

2.0 District Analysis

2.1 Next select the District Analysis sub-tab of the Poverty and Nutrition Analysis. Here you can also choose what variable you would like to represent at a district level. Additionally, you can use the ruler to adjust the colour shading.

2.1 Here you can use the Bubble chart to explore clusters of regions/districts in greater detail. You can enable and regions by clicking on the colored circles in the legend. You can also export the chart as a PNG file by clicking on the camera icon.   

2.3 Zoom in to drill down on specific districts or regions.

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